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Questions related to insurance bad faith cases


Questions related to insurance bad faith cases

Q | How do I know if I have a Bad Faith case?
A| Bad Faith cases occur when an insurance company improperly refuses to pay benefits to which their insured is legally entitled.  An insurance company may deny a claim when it is initially presented, or attempt to rely on an exclusion in the insurance policy to avoid payment.  Many times, the exclusions are invalid or not supported by the facts surrounding the claim.  If the insurance company wrongfully denies a valid claim or refuses to offer an appropriate amount to settle a claim, the insured may have a claim for insurance Bad Faith.

Q | What damages are recoverable in a Bad Faith claim?
A | Under Pennsylvania law, if an insurance company is proven to have acted in Bad Faith, the insured is entitled to receive interest, attorney’s fees and punitive damages in addition to being compensated for the damages occasioned by the loss in question.

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