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Questions related to personal injury cases

Personal Injury FAQ

Questions related to personal injury cases

Q | What is a personal injury?
A | Personal Injury is the legal term used for an injury that affects your body, your mind or your emotions. The term also refers to lawsuits in which the injury has been caused by someone else’s negligence.  If someone causes you harm because he or she did not take reasonable care, that person can be considered negligent and you have the right to recover damages and pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and quality of life losses.

Q | The insurance company is pressuring me to get medical tests and sign paperwork. What should I do?
A | Don’t waive your legal rights. Do not provide statements to an insurance company, sign any insurance company documents or submit to any medical testing until you have spoken to an ACA Law Personal Injury lawyer.

Q | How can you determine how much my case is worth?
A | In order to determine the worth of your claim, the Personal Injury attorneys at ACA Law will carefully consider factors such as the details of your accident; the severity of your injuries; your medical records and medical bills; your ability to work; improvement or deterioration of your physical and mental health; your employment history; loss of wages and earning capacity; pain and suffering as well as other factors that can influence the worth of your claim.

Q | How much time do I have to file a lawsuit for a Personal Injury case?
A | The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania gives you two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in a Personal Injury case.

Q | What happens if my lawsuit is not filed in this timeframe?
A | In the majority of cases, the civil court system in Pennsylvania will refuse to hear your case and you will lose your right to compensation.

Q | What is the statute of limitations if I have an injury claim against a city, county or state government agency?
A | You have 6 months to file a notice of intent to sue a city, county, or state government agency for injury claims.

Q | What are the caps on injury damages in Pennsylvania?
A | In cases involving injury and death, Pennsylvania prohibits limitation of damages. However, the state does limit punitive damages to two times actual damages.

Q | How long will my case take?
A | No two cases are the same, so there is no standard answer to this question. A Personal Injury lawsuit may settle in a few months, if there is no need for a trial. Some very complex cases, however, can take years to complete.

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