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Recent Cases

Information and Settlements

$167,500 Workers Compensation Settlement

Attorney Ned Abrahamsen recently secured a lump sum workers  compensation settlement for a client who was injured on the job over five (5) years ago.  The lump sum settlement represented payment for all future wage and medical claims. The client was a school teacher  who sustained a work injury when he was injured by the actions of a student.  The incident caused serious

$190,000 Settlement Auto Accident

Attorney Kevin Conaboy recently convinced the insurance company to pay a total of $190,000.00 in settlement of a claim arising from a motor vehicle accident.Our client was severely injured when an oncoming vehicle made a left turn directly in front of his vehicle. As a result of the accident, our client suffered injuries which necessitated a complete shoulder replacement

$190,000 Settlement Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Accident

Attorney Kevin Conaboy recently secured a $190,000.00 settlement on behalf of a client injured in a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident. Our client was injured when he was struck by a vehicle while clearing leaves and brush from the roadside near his home

$195,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident

Attorney Kevin Conaboy successfully negotiated settlements totaling $195,000 on behalf of a client injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Our client, a housewife, was severely injured when another driver failed to stop for a red traffic light, causing a crash with the car in which our client was riding

$202,000 Settlement Rear End Auto Accident

Attorney Chip Abrahamsen recently secured a $202,000.00 auto accident settlement on behalf of a client injured in a rear-end accident in Monroe County. This award was obtained on behalf of a woman who had sustained injuries to her neck requiring surgery as a result of being hit from behind when she was at a complete stop in traffic

$203,570 Arbitration Award - Motor Vehicle Accident

Attorney Ned Abrahamsen secured an arbitration award in favor of his client who was injured an automobile accident which occurred in Lackawanna County. Our client sustained serious back and neck injuries in the accident. Our client received compensation for his medical expenses, past and future, lost earnings, past and future, and pain and suffering, past and future

$210,000 Settlement - Slip and Fall Accident

Attorney Ned Abrahamsen secured a combined settlement for a plaintiff in a case where his client was injured on the job while on a construction site. Attorney Abrahamsen was able to settle his clients s workers compensation claim and personal injury accident. Our client sustained multiple injuries when he fell as a result of poor construction of steps

$225,000+ Recovered for Jerk and Jolt Accident Claims

Over the last month, Attorney Chip Abrahamsen has successfully reached resolutions for clients in two separate jerk and jolt bus accidents, recovering in excess of $225,000.00 for his clients

$245,000 Arbitration Award - Trip and Fall Accident

Attorney Jim Conaboy recently secured an arbitration award for one of our Spanish speaking clients in the amount of $245,000. Our client sustained serious injuries when he was caused to fall in the Defendant s Auto Repair Garage in Hazleton. He sustained serious injuries to his back and left leg

$250,000 Settlement Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Accident

A settlement of $250,000.00 was reached in a case involving a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident. Attorney Ned Abrahamsen’s client was killed on Interstate 80 when she was struck by a vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed during a snowstorm. The insurance company initially denied the accident claim and we were forced to bring the matter to the eve of trial

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